Tableau 2022.1 delivers new capabilities to help users design more efficient workbooks, find content faster with the new search experience, ask the right questions with Ask Data Phrase Builder, better manage backgrounder jobs with resource limits, and much more.

Join this webinar where OSI Digital’s Tableau experts provide an overview on how the new features of Tableau 2022.1. You'll get insights on how to transform the way you collect, interact and explain data for viewers, and enable a connected Tableau Desktop experience for web authoring and much more.

 What You'll Learn:

  • How the new Workbook Optimizer exposes key design characteristics, evaluates them against best practices, and empowers authors with concrete guidance on how to improve workbook performance
  • Ways the redesigned Tableau search experience can offer simplicity and speed
  • Overview of enhancements to "Ask Data" a hybrid point-and-click guided experience that lowers the analytical proficiency required to get to the right data insight
  • How to setup Virtual Connections to Salesforce data
  • How to implement bi-directional interaction with embedding API v3.1
  • Insights on backgrounder resource limits in Tableau Server Management that can help you better manage server resources and the job queue