By modernizing how you use EDI for order processing, your organization can automate and streamline the exchange of critical business documents like purchase orders and shipping notices. Automation accelerates the order fulfillment cycle, reduces the need for manual intervention, improves communication between buyers and suppliers, and leads to faster response times. A leading food and beverage container services company modernized their EDI/ERP systems and replaced dated E-commerce applications to optimize their trading partner management. These interfaces handle over 150,000 transactions a day which are critical to the customer’s business success.

 What You'll Learn:

  • Insights on onboarding EDI trading partners
  • Strategies on planning various integrations to promote reusability & scalability
  • How to accommodate evolving partner requirements
  • Ways to gain end-to-end visibility across B2B partners and ERP applications
  • Tips on driving efficiencies for high-volume transaction processing