Facilities service provider SBM Management  Services helps marquee Fortune 500 clients such as  Google, Merck, and GM run seamless operations.  The 8,000-person company delivers services,  systems, processes, and tools across five nations,  with specialization in industries including life sciences, technology, and manufacturing. Yet seamless operations were missing in SBM’s own IT environment. Outdated legacy systems inhibited business and IT agility and didn’t allow SBM to scale. To modernize for the digital age, SBM brought on board a new CIO, supported by an “A team” of technologists, to lead a cloud-first  transformation of its IT landscape.

Data management and application integration  quickly emerged as top priorities. SBM needed  scalable integration across cloud and on-premises systems, and new ways for the business to capitalize on its data for greater insights and scalability.


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