SBM recently had a large and expected growth rate in
their workforce. As they planned operationally for
this development, SBM leaders realized their existing
hiring processes were prone to human errors and
would not be able to accommodate this rapid scaling
without negatively impacting their productivity.
Traditionally, these tasks involved a significant
amount of manual intervention and tracking which
proved to be both expensive and inefficient.
SBM required a more robust solution that would
seamlessly integrate all applications in an agile, near
real-time and automated manner. The solution also
had to be extremely flexible and modularized since
each application required unique steps in the overall
process orchestration. Finally, their solution needed
to be ubiquitous for quick future enhancements and
upgrades to their dynamic ecosystem. For SBM to
hire candidates, they also needed to integrate with the
JobVite APIs in a two-way, multi authentication

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