Apple stores log data in the Elasticsearch engine and need to improve their ability to analyze the data. Prior to this, they had used Grafana to connect with Elasticsearch and conduct the analysis. Grafana comes with certain limitations and cannot slice the data to the required level and needed additional manual work to do so. Tableau provides the flexibility to slice and dice the data and to provide further analysis to help the business make appropriate decisions. Apple typically used Apache Druid as an open source distributed data store. Druid’s core design combines ideas from data warehouses, timeseries databases and search systems to create a unified system for real-time analytics for a broader range of use cases. Druid merges key characteristics of each of the three systems into its ingestion layer, storage format, querying layer and core architecture. Apple did not have a BI layer connected to Druid to support seamless data analysis. This was the missing business requirement yet to be resolved for the customer.

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