OSI Digital and Oracle Streamline Export Compliance for F5 Networks

F5 Networks exports its extensive product line all over the world. Any company that exports products from the U.S. has to follow very specific, and often dynamic, control laws and regulations, and for some products, F5 must have certain export licenses. To help manage its trade compliance, F5 had been using a cloud-based point solution for the last seven years. Because the product was nearing end-of-life, the company had to upgrade to the latest version to maintain support. F5 selected the Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM) Cloud solution to replace its legacy trade management application. Then, after the product selection was complete, F5 chose OSI Digital as its implementation partner. OSI created a project plan using an agile methodology that called for several discrete phases covering the GTM Cloud implementation, integration with EBS, data conversion, and custom reports. Download the Success Story to learn more. 

Download the Success Story to learn more.