Snowflake is a robust, global platform that powers the Data Cloud. Snowflake is uniquely designed to connect businesses globally, across any type or scale of data and many different workloads to unlock seamless data collaboration. Snowflake kicked off 2024 with some exciting new releases, including Snowpark Model Registry, Streamlit in Snowflake for Azure, and new enhancements around security features in Snowflake Horizon. 

 What You'll Learn:

How Introduction and use cases for each of the four new Snowflake table types:
  • Hybrid tables (row-based) with row-locking, primary keys, and indexes for OTLP loads
  • Event tables that enable recording to tables with various messages and events logged from function and procedure code
  • Dynamic tables simplify data engineering and continuous data pipelines by automatically refreshing data using SQL statements
  • Iceberg tables enable storage of metadata and data in customer’s cloud storage (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Storage)