As the world moves towards digitization at light speed, today’s customers use an average of 10 different channels to interact with businesses. Savvy customers prefer to connect directly with knowledgeable service agents who can quickly solve their problem for them. With Service Cloud Voice, agents using the Salesforce Service console are empowered to use telephony, digital channels, and CRM data to help them provide a delightful experience to their customers.

In this webinar, OSI Digital’s Salesforce experts will share their insights on use cases and advantages of implementing Service Cloud Voice. You will see how Service Cloud Voice can be leveraged to increase agent productivity and overall customer satisfaction. Join this session to learn about the benefits of Service Cloud Voice and how the technology helps agents to better support customer calls, holistically view customers’ requirements, and resolve issues — all within the Service Console.

 What You'll Learn:

  • Insights into Service Cloud Voice, Amazon Connect, and how they efficiently work together
  • Key features and benefits of using Service Cloud Voice
  • How to boost agent productivity, optimize case management, and integrate calls quickly and easily
  • Ways to deliver seamless training and management of service calls for improved performance