World Oil Corp., which produces and distributes petroleum products and offers environmental services in California, was facing many issues with their data reporting. The company was using a variety of applications such as Oracle, Verizon, ADP, and more. Critical performance metrics were not easily accessible to business users and most of the company’s reporting was manual which created further inefficiencies. World Oil trusted OSI Digital to leverage its expertise in the world’s leading platforms combined with deep data analytics capabilities to solve this problem.

Through a data-driven approach, the results were a better understanding of end-to-end operations and customer requirements, increased in sales, and a overall reduction in unnecessary costs. Join this webinar to learn how World Oil’s decision makers were able to gain a clear line of sight into operations, logistics, vendors, employees, financials, performance through this innovative, multi-platform solution.

 What You'll Learn:

  • How World Oil leveraged and integrated many diverse platforms, such as Tableau, Snowflake & Boomi, to automate critical reports and dashboards for more data-informed decision-making
  • How dynamic data visualization can reduce demurrage costs and other hidden fees that impact ROI
  • Ways to leverage analytics dashboards to improve the sales pipeline and drive revenues
  • Tips on how to provide everyone with access to required data so they can make the right decisions at the right time for your business