A financial services company’s analytics eco-system was heavily 
driven by extracts as they extract both data sources and workbooks 
due to the nature of business. The data sources would take 5-7 
hours to refresh daily, and the extracts used to fail due for multiple 
reasons. Because of this, they had to refresh manually and publish 
the reports to the Tableau server daily. This manual process created 
a negative effect on the business because the reports were not 
delivered on time and showed some erroneous errors in the 
reports. Also, the same metrics in different reports showed different 
values due to syncing issues. The customer also had multiple 
resources working on trying to access the reports and often missed 
the reports daily. This had broader impacts on the business as the 
lack of daily reporting affected key company decision making. It 
should be noted that the customer was using an old version of 
Tableau (2018.1) which compromised security, features, and 

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