A Life Sciences shipping company leverages a broad mix of critical infrastructure, business applications, website portals, and environmental monitoring systems that together provide a complex set of core services their business units heavily rely on. The customer had poor security event visibility across this disparate set of systems and business services. This not only made it difficult for them to monitor all its critical infrastructure, but it left the customer with weak assurances that it could adequately detect and quickly respond to an actual cyber-attack. Properly securing and monitoring all of the life sciences company’s critical infrastructure and business applications proved to be more complex and costly than anticipated. The customer recognized their security posture was not sufficient for detecting and preventing advanced cybersecurity threats and therefore needed a company who specialized in end-to-end 
security architecture, engineering, and security operations center (SOC) services. The customer needed a company that could not only assess and remediate their security infrastructure weaknesses, but who could also monitor and effectively respond to suspicious events and incidents 24x7. 
Their goal was to focus more on their core life sciences businesses and clients. With that, the customer needed a company that could not only properly assess and understand its critical business processes but who could expertly identify, design, and implement security controls necessary to protect their critical systems, information, and business 

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