In today’s hyper-competitive environment, the ability of an organization’s supply chain to effectively respond to customer demands is core to its survival. Supply chain planning is one of the more complex processes within an enterprise as it needs to deal with a myriad of factors and inputs – many of which are fluctuating in real-time.  

Oracle’s Supply Chain Planning (SCP) Cloud provides a robust platform with advanced functionality and features to handle all aspects of forecasting demand, planning supply and managing the S&OP process within an organization.  This is an advanced, constantly evolving product from Oracle that can be easily integrated with any existing ERP in use. Join this webinar, where we will highlight the latest advanced functionality and new features in Oracle SCP Cloud and discuss how it can be integrated into any existing on-prem ERP.

 What You'll Learn:

  • Various components of Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud

  • Insights of advanced features and functionality and all the latest updates & releases

  • Ways to integrate Oracle SCP Cloud with your ERP

  • Why you should consider replacing your current on-prem ERP