Organizations use Salesforce CPQ to optimize processes and increase opportunities to maximize their deal sizes through cross-selling and upselling while providing accurate quotes. However, with a sub-optimal implementation, you may not realize your expected outcomes. One of the areas that organizations overlook is the need to judiciously define complex product structures and managing high-volume SKUs in Salesforce CPQ. Using business-centric and thoughtful planning, coupled with adherence to CPQ best practices, OSI Digital has helped multiple clients with their CPQ efficiency challenges and allowed these companies to focus on their core business strengths without worrying about the underlying technology.

In this webinar, Salesforce CPQ experts from OSI will help you understand the industry leading best practices, approaches, and possibilities around managing complex product structures to align with the dynamic needs of your business. 

 What You'll Learn:

  • Best practices on configuring your products for CPQ and setting up product structures
  • How Insights on ways to handle high volume products
  • Business scenarios focused on managing complex product structures
  • Options to consider in terms of adding products to quote
  • Tips on avoiding practices that slow down your Salesforce CPQ environment