Are you a Salesforce user? Is your organization still using Salesforce Classic? If you answered “yes” to both the questions and have any Lightning questions, this webinar is for you. Salesforce Lightning is a next generation design framework that delivers a modern UX while enabling fast and easy application development. Salesforce Lightning was released a few years ago and yet many organizations continue to use Salesforce Classic due to a lack of understanding around the process and the benefits of the change.

Most of our customers who we have helped transition to Salesforce Lightning had concerns and questions around the time it would take to transition to Lightening, the cost and scope of the project, the skills required, and what impact the change would have on the business. Join the experts at OSI Digital to get answers to these questions around transitioning from Classic to Lightning. The team will also discuss the long-term business value of the transition. 

 What You'll Learn:

  • Why move to Salesforce Lightning
  • New features in Lightning and the enhanced Security Model
  • Things to watch out for while planning the Lightning transition
  • Demo of key areas of improvement and benefits for your user community and your Technology Support staff
  • Technical demo of how to convert a JavaScript button and Visualforce to Lightning components
  • Multiple approaches to transition to Salesforce Lightning and how to assess what is best for your organization
  • Understanding the effort required to transition to Lightning
  • Benefits of the various approaches of Lightning transition