Over the past 30 years, Oracle EBS has become one of the world’s most used ERP applications with its massive base around the world. With modules catering to all aspects of managing the business enterprise, one of EBS’s core strengths is the detailed cross module linkages it maintains for each and every business transaction. The platform also generates massive amounts of data which multiplies exponentially, increasing the size of the underlying Oracle database, leading to higher costs of storage, performance and maintenance.

In this webinar, we will examine the root causes and common factors for this data growth in EBS environments across industries. We will delve into key strategies that can be used to track, measure and manage this exponential growth for greater efficiency.  We will also look at archival and data truncation methodologies that can be used to free up storage and improve overall performance in EBS environments.

 What You'll Learn:

  • Insights on managing EBS data growth

  • How to better manage and track EBS data

  • Review effective data archival and retrieval methodologies for better outcomes