This webinar delves into the transformative landscape of application development, uncovering the latest norms, trends, and development approaches that are shaping the industry. 
Join us as we explore the realm of rapid development, low-code, and no-code software development, while providing valuable insights into the hype versus reality surrounding these innovative approaches. Discover how to stay ahead of the curve in software development and unlock new possibilities for your applications.

 What You'll Learn:

  • The changing landscape of application development and the latest innovations & trends
  • Embracing rapid development and strategies for accelerating software delivery
  • Emerging software development norms
  • How to accelerate time-to-market with rapid development
  • Advantages of low-code & no-code development
  • Insights into real-world success stories and key lessons learned
  • Evaluating hype versus reality via a critical analysis of rapid development approaches